Sinks Gallery

Any type of sink can be used with soapstone countertops including drop-ins, under-mounts and our own soapstone sinks.  We install the sinks when we install the countertops.  We stock three sizes of soapstone sinks but we can customize a sink to be any size, shape or configuration. Stocked sizes are: 

  • 26 " x 18 1/2"x 8" single basin

  • 30" x 18 "x 10" single basin

  • 36" x 18 " x 10" double basin





If you can draw it we can build it.  We also offer customized stone carving by Donald Schwartz for any sink front.  He offers standard designs or can carve custom designs.  Our craftsmen also restore old soapstone and have a variety of restored antique soapstone sinks available.  Dealers and homeowners are welcome to contact us to inquire about restoration projects and already restored sinks.  







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